It’s Only a Flower: I’d Rather Play Video Games

By: Kimberly Deneen
The book was only released in November of 2018 and it has already received a favorable reviews! Sara Wilson, Sr. Literary Book Scout of Author’s Press conducted an extensive screening of the book and gave It’s Only a Flower a graded “A” evaluation and a 94.67% for lexical content. It’s Only a Flower was selected in the top 10 out 65 other children’s books to participate in both the Tuscon, L.A., and Miami Book Festivals.

It’s Only a Flower was also reviewed By Lisa McCombs for Readers’ Favorite and was awarded a 5-Star review! Ms. McCombs says, “The Purpose of It’s Only a Flower: I’d Rather Play Video Games by Kimberly Deneen is two-fold in a dual lesson of botany and social awareness. In this day of computer game mania, Kimberly Deneen tackles the common trend of reticence among computer gamers. By introducing a life lesson to Isaiah, the author reinforces her book epigraph: “You are young now, just a kid. One day you will be older and what you do and don’t do now will shape who you will become. Allowing yourself to experience new people, places and things will help you to become the best version of yourself.” By including Isaiah in a dialogue about seeds and their ultimate journey to the dinner plate, Ms. Kelley opens his eyes to another source of entertainment other than video games. With the inclusion of a glossary of plant-related items, this is a perfect addition to personal study as well as the classroom curriculum for young readers.”

“This is so wonderful Kim!!! Laurie got a chance to make it & got a signed copy by you for Presley Joy! I love the way you used what kids gravitate towards to teach an example of trying something new and exploring!!!
~ Leah (Parent)

Isaiah loves playing video games, it’s his most favorite thing to do in the world! One day his mom surprises him with a trip to the botanical gardens and he assumes it isn’t going to be fun. He thinks he would have more fun playing video games instead. When he meets the local Botanist, Ms. Kelley, she opens his eyes to the wonderful world of flowers. Will he embrace this new adventure?

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