Kimberly Deneen Inspirations

Kimberly Deneen Inspirations (KD Inspirations) was established on May 22, 2018. Its mission is to serve others by helping them discover a healthy self-image in order to achieve success. KD Inspirations motivates others to reach their full God given potential through books and speaking engagements. The company also offers workshops, seminars, and discussion groups. Leadership development and personal coaching inspire participants to develop their individual talents. Although, the company is located in Richmond, Virginia, services are offered in various locations.

About Kimberly Deneen

Kimberly Deneen is an author, mother, friend, teacher, entrepreneur, servant leader, consultant, and public speaker. She is passionate about helping people who are hurting and hopeless. Kimberly is no stranger to adversity. She grew up in Baltimore city in a single parent home. She has fought to overcome a painful childhood filled with parental alcoholism, molestation, and various forms of abuse. As an adult, she has overcome codependent behaviors [as a result of her childhood trauma] and the loss of her marriage. She stands on her past and not in it and in doing so has allowed her to use her past as a platform. This has transformed her life. Her audience can feel her compassion and understand how God has been her source of power and healing in regards to overcoming an arduous past.

Kimberly is a proud graduate of the historic Virginia Union University in Richmond, Virginia where she was the only French major on campus during her time of matriculation. Kimberly continued her educational pursuits and earned her Master of Arts degree in Leadership in Teaching from the College of Notre Dame of Maryland (Now called Notre Dame University of Maryland). Kimberly plans to pursue her doctorate degree in the near future.

An avid teacher and presenter, Kimberly is known as a strategist and change agent. She has helped many women overcome their painful pasts in order to build promising futures. Personal coaching, conducting workshops, motivating others and speaking at conferences are her passion.

In her downtime, Kimberly enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling, exploring diverse cultures, reading, cooking, sampling international cuisine and speaking French.

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