• Power Parenting: Show Them Something New

    Power Parenting: Show Them Something New

    One of our goals as parents is to expose our children to new things, cultures and places. Doing this fosters a well-rounded adult who has cultural empathy and is opened to trying new things. One of the things I loved doing with my son was trying new foods. We tried everything from sushi to couscous.

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  • Power Parenting: Don’t Allow Labels

    Growing up I was very hyper active. I talked a lot and I wanted to move. I enjoyed school a lot and I loved reading, gym and recess. I played soccer every day at recess. One day I remember overhearing my mother talking on the phone to someone about me and she said, “They wanted

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  • Why I Wrote ‘It’s Only a Flower’

    As a mother of an African American son I wanted to instill self-pride in him at a young age. One of the ways to do that was to read books to him where he saw other African Americans as the main characters. This was a problem for me though, as I read to my son

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